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Hi .. Welcome to Athlone Hill Walking Club site

  • Walks take place monthly and mostly on the 1st Sunday of each month (except bank holidays – 2nd Sunday and 2 Saturday walks this year.
  • Pre-booking is essential for all walks and weekends away. For walks phone club phone 087 6805105 before 9pm on the Wednesday previous, to confirm numbers for the bus. Latebookers may have to bring their cars.
  • Walks usually involve a 5 to 6 hr walk. Most walks include an easy and a more difficult route to suit different standard walkers.

Group leaves from the Fair Green Car Park on Sundays and B&Q on Saturdays at 8 am.

Requirements for all walks:

  • Strong Walking Boots (essential)
  • Comfortable clothing (not jeans)
  • Rucksack
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Water
  • Food and warm drink
  • Spare dry clothing
  • Survival bag
  • First aid

It must be remembered that walking with a group is not the same as a lone walk. All walkers must stay together and in constant contact with the leaders.



  1. Good blog, just one comment, to make it easier for people to obtain contact, put the 087 number on the Club Programme page as well.


    • Thanks Walter .. will do ..

  2. That looks good.
    See you up the hills, keep climbing /… we need to push to climb, this is a lovely country and as walkers we see parts of our land that others do not see.
    We need to pass this on with good will and with no cost other then the love of walking.

    People that know me, know that I am a hill walker. But I do like our history .. places and
    things and Clare (not the woman the place). This is something I wrote after being shown the place by a good friend Dennis.

    Green Road
    My feet rise and fall along forgotten paths,
    paths reclaimed by time, covered in green carpet,
    patterned in limestone and speckled in wild blossom.
    Foreign words replace the native tongue.
    Where Sean and Seamus were commonplace,
    now Gentian and Aven are called out.
    Where people hugged the ground in search of food,
    now it is poked and prodded in search of times past.
    Time moves on, the traveller returns and the flowers remain.

  3. Good info. Well done! Now we’re going places.

  4. Hey,

    I am new to this site..

    Good information, just wondering what the cost for these walks are i.e. bus costs etc.


    • Hi Olwyn, Welcome to Athlone Walking Club .. The charge for the bus on the Sunday outings in 15 and the annual membership is 40. Weekends away vary but are usually very reasonable..

      Hope to see you on the hills..

  5. Can we get the date for the Burren walk changed to 16 May 2010 and not as shown, which is what was agreed. Then anyone checking the web page will have the correct date.


  6. A simple low/no effort addition.

    Any images you add to the web site give them meaningful names like Brandon_Cascading_Lochans_Paternoster_2009.jpg, BEFORE you link or load them. Rather than the auto names that cameras use.
    That way anyone who may be interested in where it is can click on it and at the top of their web page it will effectively contain that name as well. This is a low/no effort involved, only just giving a human interesting name to all images that you are going to use on the site.
    Some may have names but others don’t, and most people would probably like to know where that is, Oh, I want to walk there etc.


  7. Of course you can add captions as has been done in some cases.
    It just depends on have much effort you want to get up too.
    However I say again, most people are interested in where the picture was taken, so as long as we have something.


  8. a few of the athlone walkers accompanied walter on a walk and talk exercise on the slieve blooms on sunday 31st october. it really was an enjoyable day.walter demonstrated to us the use of the compass and gps. i really got alot from the exercise and want to thank walter for his time.

  9. Hello, I am visiting Athlone on work. The schedule is such now that I believe I will be off on this Sunday, 10th. Is there any group that is talking a walk that I might join along?

    I’m without a phone, but have ready access to my email throughout the day.


  10. Did MS1 taining weekend with Ronan Mullen, The Adventure Agency in Wicklow http://www.adventure.ie – great weekend and excellent training in basic map reading, walking skills, pacing and compass work. Would highly recommont it to anyone – beginners to improvers, MS2 includes night work and is run from Oct when the days are short.
    Peter Doyle

  11. Hi

    Just letting you know that this sat at 1pm the 2nd July 2016 Loughanavally GAA are hosting a guided walking tour of the hill of Uisneach Westmeath. If any of your walkers are interested they would be more than welcome, this a donation only event.

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